Super-Manage Software

smsf accounting fees
Super-Manage allows you to create and reconcile as many different bank accounts as you can whether they be cheque accounts, saving accounts, mortgages etc.
Other Investments
Super-Manage allows you to keep rack and manage any other investments your SMSF has made. You can create your own Investment groups and report on these groups. If you invest in Gold, Stamps, Coins, Paintings Super-Manage can manage the transactions.
Share Portfolios
Super-Manage allows you to keep track of your share values. The software updates ASX data every day so you can get a true daily position of your share portfolio vales.
smsf accounting software
Super-Manage has numerous reports to help you manage your SMSF. There are reports on all aspects of your SMSF investments as well as numerous reports on individual members of the SMSF.
smsf accounting
Super-Mange allows you to fully manage all aspects of your property investments whether it is residential or commercial. The software has numerous property reporting abilities that provide detailed information about properties.
Most Awarded SMSF Software
The software has a unique dashboard that allows you to see your SMSF financial position quickly when you log into the software.

Software Features

Australian Shares

Super-Manage software lets you enter all your different share transactions. Australian share prices are updated daily thus allowing you to manage your share investments on a daily basis. The software tracks franked dividends so you can minimise the tax your SMSF has to pay (or maximise your tax refund). There are numerous reports and screen information to assist trustees managing their share SMSF portfolios.

General Ledger

Super-Manage has a built in General Ledger to correctly record your SMSF investments and transactions. GL accounts can be added and amended. It is simple to use and the software produces the TB, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Statement of Financial Position that is needed by your accountant when producing the tax return for your SMSF.

ATO Compliance

Super-Mange will produce all the documents you need for your tax return such as Profit & Loss (operation Statement), Balance Sheet, Cash flow Reports, Members Position and Members Contribution. As only registered tax argents can lodge a tax return electronically we believe that you should use a Qualified Accountant for this task. Super-Manage will help your Accountant in this process. Super-Manage also has functionality in which you can invite your accountant to your Super-Manage account. This will enable them to save time and you save money.

Other Assets

Super-Manage has the functionality to manage other assets type in your SMSF. You can create the asset type and record all financial transactions relating to this asset type in the software.

Property Investment

Super-Manage lets you create investment properties and allows you to fully manage all the financial side of the property management.

Bank Accounts

Super-Manage allows you to manage all your different bank accounts. The functionality is the same as in any accounting software. Bank accounts can be reconciled and there are numerous reports and screen information to help you.


Super-Manage Admin allows you to set up all details of your SMSF such as members, bank accounts, allow access for your accountant, payment and receipt types, and contribution types.


Super-Manage has numerous reports and screen information that helps you manage your SMSF as well as reports on Members contributions and Members positions.

Overseas Shares

Super-Mange can handle investments in Overseas Shares. You can create any share code you want in any stock exchange in the world. You can update the price of these shares at any time. Please note that at present the software does not automatically import daily share prices of overseas listed shares.


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