How Super-Manage can Help You

Super-Manage is an Australian designed software that has been developed to help those running their own SMSF to easily handle the SMSF’s financial transactions as well as managing members investments, cash flows, member reports and financial reporting. The software is ease to use and easy to set up. It also has the advantage of daily update of ASX prices, so you know the value of your SMSF investments on a daily basis. As the software is securely hosted in the cloud you can access your information anytime, anywhere. If you have or intend in setting up a SMSF then our software is invaluable in managing your SMSF. It will help you in your SMSF administration and keep your accounting fees down as our reporting will enable you to give your tax accountant all the information they need.

Super-Manage is a SMSF accounting software that sets you free from the mundane and time-consuming admin and day-to-day stress of managing your SMSF. Data is easily entered and it can be changed if an error is made. As the software is Cloud-based you can use it wherever you are.
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Super-Manage allows you to manage all your SMSF investments. The software has a number of modules that allows you to record all your major investments whether they be cash/bank, Australia shares (daily ASX updates), overseas shares, property (commercial or residential), and other any other asset that you have invested in your SMSF.
SMSF Management
Managing and controlling your SMSF depends upon accurate and easy to read reporting and screen information. Super-Manage has numerous reports for all your financial, investment, member, and compliance reporting needs. The software also has an easy to read Dashboard that is a snap shot of your SMSF as well as a comprehensive Dashboard that allows you a snap shot of your SMSF when you log in as well as numerous graphs that track share prices etc.
SMSF Management
Super-Mange lets you manage your SMSF on a daily basis so that you can make investment decisions to maximise your return. As Super-Manage tracks all your SMSF transactions you have a clear picture of how your investments are performing. You are able to clearly see which of your shares are performing best, the software allows you to compare up to four shares so you can see how your share investment compares with other shares. The software has detailed reports on Member contributions and Member Positions as well as Investment Movements, Market Value Change, Capital Gains and Asset Yields. All this makes your role of managing your SMSF a lot easier.
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Our software is hosted on secure servers located in Sydney. These severs have the latest security software available. As the software is Cloud based you can use it wherever you are. There is no lock in contracts nor any expensive extra on site server costs. The cost to you for using our software is just one low monthly subscription fee of $120 per annum (inc GST). There are no lock in contracts nor software break fees. No ongoing maintenance fess and no expensive consulting fees.
SMSF Management
Construct-Soft has a detailed dashboard that gives you a snapshot of your SMSF each time you log into the software. Information includes amount invested in your SMSF, Year to Date summary, Graphs on investments, details about your Bank accounts, Shares and Properties etc. The software also has a unique ability to be able to drill down on the information displayed so that you can see the details behind the Dashboard numbers.